Marionberry Preserves 28oz

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Our most popular preserve! Marionberry is a vartiety of Blackberry introduced by George Waldo in 1956 and named for Marion County, Oregon. The Marionberry is a cross between an Chehalem and Ollalie Blackberry. Perfect for on your morning scone, toast, biscuit or topping yogurt and ice cream. Enjoy the luscious flavor of our Columbia Empire Farms Estate grown Marionberry Seedless Preserves.

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5 stars title= Best Jam Ever, 28th Apr 2016

Reviewer: Marinell Croson

We have been buying this jam for nearly 10 years. We have tried other marionberry jams when we find them, just to see... but ALWAYS come right back to this one. It has the best flavor of any marionberry jam out there!

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